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Invent the future of Web3

The Visionaries

SmartCon features leaders, builders, and contributors at the forefront of Web3 innovation. Reshape how you think about blockchain technology and explore the far-reaching implications of decentralized technologies on the current landscape of business and society.

The Builders

SmartCon gathers together the best and brightest builders in Web3. Whether you want to catch the latest alpha from top Web3 developers or code alongside them to fast-track your development skills—SmartCon is your opportunity to get ahead. 

The Community

SmartCon is a central hub for the entire Web3 community, from industry professionals and community members to independent artists. With attendees from all over the world, you’ll make new connections and find novel opportunities at every corner.

A Chainlink conference

As the industry standard for blockchain-agnostic oracle infrastructure, Chainlink sits at the center of Web3. SmartCon brings together the communities within the expansive ecosystem of Chainlinked dApps, blockchains, layer 2s, and enterprises to give you an all-encompassing Web3 experience. 


Learn from experts from across a wide range of fields, from prominent founders and developers to respected researchers.

Technical workshops

Get hands-on experience building advanced hybrid smart contracts by attending technical workshops.


Get a wide range of insight and perspectives on hot button issues in topic-specific panel discussions.


Visit recruitment booths and network with established professionals to start your Web3 career.


Gain a deep understanding of the latest technological developments by asking industry experts your questions.

Satellite events

Catch up with like-minded community members at social gatherings hosted by Chainlink and the wider Web3 community.

Hacker House

Connect and network with like-minded builders in a variety of community-led sessions at a post-conference hacker house.


Meet up with a community passionate about Web3 and blockchain technology at a variety of social events.

Join in person

Exclusive access to the full, week-long SmartCon NYC experience. Meet the Web3 community in person, build real and personal connections, and get front-row seats to everything the conference and city has to offer.

Access to the full SmartCon by Chainlink experience
See industry-leading speakers up close, connect with blockchain experts, and enjoy satellite events supported by key sponsors during SmartCon week. SmartCon 2022 is more than just a two-day event—make long-lasting connections that can help grow your network, expand your knowledge, and advance your professional development.
Connect with the Chainlink and wider crypto community
Engage with a diverse community of passionate Chainlink enthusiasts, experienced Web3 contributors, knowledgeable smart contract developers, prominent blockchain researchers, and a vast array of leading founders and venture capitalists.
Learn how to build applications of the future
Attend in-depth developer workshops, hackathon competitions, technical presentations, and more from leading Web3 developers and other domain experts working on the dApps, infrastructure, and services needed to help bring forward a technological revolution.

Past SmartCon virtual events

SmartCon previous editions offered an exciting snapshot of the massive wave of innovation happening across the smart contract space. Explore the keynotes, AMAs, and firesides.







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