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Leading voices on SmartCon 2023

Eric Schmidt

Former CEO, Google

Sergey Nazarov

Co-Founder, Chainlink

Laurence Moroney

AI Lead, Google

Dahlia Malkhi

Distinguished Scientist , Chainlink Labs

Qian Jiang

Director, Capital Markets and Digital Assets, Swift

Balaji Srinivasan

Angel Investor and Former CTO, Coinbase

Thomas Dugauquier

Tokenized Assets Product Lead, Swift

Ari Juels

Chief Scientist, Chainlink Labs

Joseph Chan

Under Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, The Government of Hong Kong SAR

Allison Duettmann

CEO, Foresight Institute

Nitin Gaur

Global Head of Digital Assets and Technology Design, State Street

Olivier Roucloux

Business Analyst & Product Owner (innovation), Euroclear

Dawn Song

Founder, Oasis Labs

Rohan Grey

Director, Public Money Action

Elena Sinelnikova

DC of People and Education, MetisDAO Foundation

Patrick Collins

Software Engineer / Security Researcher / Founder / Educator, Cyfrin

Steve Ellis

Co-Founder and CTO, Chainlink Labs

Rashmi Misra

Microsoft, General Manager, AI & Emerging Technologies, Business Development

Alexandre Kech

Head Digital Securities, SIX Digital Exchange (SDX)

Mara Schmiedt

Chief Executive Officer, Alluvial

Andrés Fondevila

Digital Assets BBVA Asset Management & Global Wealth, BBVA

Dovey Wan

Founder, Primitive Ventures

Anurag Soin

Director of Digital Asset Services, ANZ Bank

Kain Warwick

Founder, Synthetix

Ernesto Boado

Co-founder, BGD Labs

Kemal El Moujahid

Chief Product Officer, Chainlink Labs

Derek Yoo

CEO, Moonsong Labs

Jongseung Kim

Director of Web3 Business Team, SK Telecom

Adi Hussien

Web3 Lead at Vodafone Digital Asset Broker, Vodafone Digital Asset Broker

Kaledora Kiernan-Linn

CEO, Ostium Labs

Ben Chan

VP of Engineering, Chainlink Labs

Jordi Baylina

Co-Founder, Polygon

Alison Haire

Developer Relations Engineer & Lilypad PM, Filecoin Foundation

Filip Mertens

Developer Remix, Ethereum Foundation

Johann Eid

Chief Business Officer, Chainlink Labs

Rene Reinsberg

Co-Founder, Celo; President, Celo Foundation, Celo

Todd Barr

Chief Marketing Officer, Chainlink Labs

Lorenz Breidenbach

Head of R&D, Chainlink Labs

Nate Holiday

CEO & Co-founder, Space and Time

Emilio Frangella

VP of Engineering, DeFi, Aave

Bill Meenaghan


Allen Day

Developer Advocate, Google

Samuel Reid

Geometric Energy Corporation CEO, Roundable

Michael Kong

CEO, Fantom Foundation

Chi Zhang

Co-Founder and CEO, ZettaBlock

Marin Tvrdic

Master of Protocol Relations, Lido DAO

Getty Hill

Founder, GFX Labs / Oku

Deng Chao

CEO, HashKey Capital


CEO, Aavegotchi and Pixelcraft Studios

Tobias Wohland

Senior DevOps engineer and technical lead, Deutsche Telekom MMS GmbH

Devon Martens

Director of Engineering, Haven1 Foundation

Stefan Rust

CEO, Truflation


Head of Ethereum Business, Stader Labs

Christopher Glissner

Advanced Software Engineer, Deutsche Telekom MMS

Yan Michalevsky

Co-founder, Cryptosat

Alex Lazar

Software Engineer, DexTrac

Karl Blomsterwall

CEO, Planet IX

Daniela Zschaber

Head of Marketing | Content Creator | Chainlink Advocate, Sweep n' Flip | Nouns BR DAO | Chainlink

Cecilia Hsueh

Co-Founder and CEO, Morphism

Ron Bodkin

CEO, ChainML

Peter van Mourik

Co-Founder, Chainlayer

Andras Kristof

Founder, Galaxis.xyz

Trent McConaghy

Co-Founder, Ocean Protocol

Ciara Nightingale

Developer Experience Engineer, thirdweb

Alexander Campbell

CEO, Rose AI

Taiki Narita

Blockchain Lead, Sumitomo Corporation

Roland Kovács

CEO, Pozi.io

Edwin Mata

CEO and Co-Founder, Brickken

Adele Scott

Global Relationship Manager, Elwood Technologies

Iñaki Moreno

BD Lead, Web3 Google Cloud, Google

Kritarth Chhabra

Cofounder, CEO, Lemonade Social

Vitto Rivabella

Head of Developer Relations, Cyfrin

Sara Chapman

Director, Customer & Event Marketing, Chainlink Labs

Bogdan Tapu

Founder & CEO, World Challenge Game

Olivia Höwing

Data Analyst / Chainlink Advocate, Project A Ventures

Jakob Seeger

Cofounder, COO, Lemonade Social

Alberto Viera

Developer Relations Manager, Moonbeam

Lenara Verle

Invisible Economist, DADA.art

Zubin Pratap

Developer Relations Engineer, Chainlink Labs

Tim Kang

Founder, Multimedia

Michael Nowotny

Co-Founder and CEO, Krypton Labs

Iris Radoi

Technical Program Manager, Consensys

Diego Cornacchini

Founder, Flash Liquidity

Zale Reeves

Founder, NorthWest Nodes

Matt Smart

CEO, Robo Labs

Zayi Reyes

Ecosystem Marketing, Chainlink Labs

Pere Guerra

CEO, Kakubi

Eddie Lau

CEO, Arta TechFin

Lihan Lee

CEO, Xangle (CrossAngle)

Erwan Mismaque

Chief Operating Officer, Backed

Cynthia Wu

Co-Founder and COO, Matrixport

Nicholas Garcia

Founder and CEO, FortunaFi

Vladimir Stemkovski


Kubilay Özçelik

CEO, Matrixed.Link

Thomas Trepanier

Head of Capital Markets, Chainlink Labs


Juliette Chevalier

Devrel, Cyfrin

Alex Matsuo

EMEA Web3 Lead, AWS

Div Shekhar

Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

Solange Gueiros

Developer Advocate, Chainlink Labs


Rishi Singh

CEO, Tiingo

Patrick McNab

CEO, Pier Two

Daniel T

Cofounder & Audit Lead, Verilog Solutions


VP Product - Data Oracles, Chainlink Labs

Lorenzo Méndez

Chief Strategy Officer, World Challenge Game

Chrysa Stathakopoulou

Research Engineer, Chainlink Labs

Andrew Borovsky

CEO, Visible

Clayton Lowery

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, The Network Firm

Roger Brogan

Director of Solutions Architecture, Chainlink Labs


Greg Markou

CPO, ChainSafe

Colleen McKenzie

Director of Strategy, AI Objectives Institute

Louis Garoche

Blockchain Technical Lead, Ubisoft

Aleksandra Smilek

Creative and Strategic Director, Foresight Institute

David Chen

Strategy Manager, Tencent Cloud International

Tudor Paul Toma

Principal Solution Architect , Tencent Cloud

Pedro Bergamini

Co-Founder & CTO, Zaros Labs

Nora McGlynn

Market Analysis Manager, Chainlink Labs


Gosuto Inzasheru

CEO, Onchainification

Benjamin .lens

Core team, QiDao

Rob Seo

Head of Business, Wemade

Cristina Moscoso

Ecosystem Marketing Manager, Chainlink Labs


Lior Zaks

Legal counsel, Stake Capital

Pieter Pauwels

Product, Market Strategy Manager, Chainlink Labs


Martin Volpe

Engineering Manager, cLabs / Celo

Lauren Halstead

Influencer Marketing Manager, Chainlink Labs


Christophe Fonteneau

Co-Founder - Head of Strategy & Partnerships, Request Finance

Min Teo

Managing Partner , Ethereal Ventures

Will Janensch

Director, Data Providers, Chainlink Labs


Sebastian Gronewold

Managing Director, Polychain Monsters

Andrew McFarlane

Chief Technology Officer, Validation Cloud

Elif Umucu

Community, Chainlink Labs

Dmitrii Kotelkin

Fullstack Blockchain Developer, Protofire

Omer Goldberg

Founder and CEO, Chaos Labs

Ivan Piton

Co-Founder, PolyCode

Lucas Hobbs

Executive Business Development Assistant, Gravity Finance

Axel Lode


Maria Pamela Datuin

Marketing Director, GMEX

Marcos Nunes

CEO, Gnosis Pay

Pierre Beunardeau

CEO, Galileo Protocol

Andy Baehr

Managing Director, CoinDesk Indices

Joe Sticco

Co-Founder, Cryptex Finance

Antonio Furtado

Co-Founder, Hourglass

Guilherme Bettanin

Co-Founder & CEO, Zaros Labs

Louis Myself

Lead Smart Contract Engineer, TraderJoeXYZ

Alexandru Topliceanu

Research engineer, Chainlink Labs

Gabriel Cardona

Developer Evangelist, Ava Labs

Rafael Ugolini

Head of Engineering - DeFi, Origin Protocol

Chirag Dhull

Head of Product Marketing, Chainlink Labs


Alex Turley

Founder, Chainlink Advocate / MDMA

Eric Carlson

Partner, RHINO

Jahed Momand

Co-Founder, General Partner, Cerulean Ventures

Lance Liu

Executive Director, Chainlink Labs


Corey Caplan

Co-Founder, Dolomite

Matt Smith

Co-Founder , Roundable

Michael Moran

Co-Founder and CEO, Roundable

Alex Puig

Founder, Context Protocol

Gijs Op de Weegh

Founder , StablR

Nick Zwaneveld

CEO, Coorest

Guilhem Chaumont

CEO and Co-Founder, Flowdesk

Charles Cao

CEO, FilSwan

Rob Stupay

Communications Manager Remix, Ethereum Foundation

Davide Fi

General Manager, Trader Joe

Scott Dykstra

CTO / Co-Founder, Space and Time

Charlie You

CTO, RWA.xyz

Levente Szilágyi

CTO, Galaxis.xyz

Chris O'Reilly

Lead Finance Engineer, Harris & Trotter LLP

Gavin Wang

Managing Partner, SNZ Capital

Mike Stone

Market Strategy Manager - Automation, Chainlink Labs


Sameer Dewan

Senior Software Engineer, Intercontinental Exchange

Kris Shinn

VP Engineering, Infura, Consensys Software, Inc

Rahul Shah

Product Manager, Chainlink Labs

Andrew J. Coate

Director of Marketing, Product, Ava Labs

Sid Gandhi

Co-Founder and CEO, Polybase

Andrew Jones

Product R&D, Index Coop

Miguel Morel

CEO & Co-Founder, Arkham

David Morris

Data Feeds Product Manager, Chainlink Labs

Bediss Cherif

Chief Revenue Officer, Kaiko

Todor Karaivanov

Market Strategy Manager, Chainlink VRF, Chainlink Labs

Frederic Brown

Head of Product EMEA, GSR

Caesar Eley

BD Lead, Premia Finance

Richard Gottleber

Developer Advocate, Chainlink Labs

Jeremy Kramer

Business Development - Crypto Growth, TrueLayer

Francesco Cremona

Node Operators Lead, Simply Staking

James Lawton

Solutions Architect, Chainlink Labs


Aiham Jaabari

Founding Contributor - Product Growth, Silo Finance

Feroz Lakhani

Enterprise Lead, TRON DAO

Nuno Neto

Cloud Business Unit Director, Innowave

Luca Mossini

Head of BD, Avantgarde Finance

Michael Imperiale

Solutions Architect, Tokenized Assets & Communities, Chainlink Labs


Richard Thomas-Pryce

Head of Product, Raft

Josep Bové

Contributor, ACI

Rosh Patel

Chainlink Advocate, REP Capital

Javier Celorrio

COO, LitLab Games

Harry Roberts

Technical Product Manager, Oasis Protocol Foundation

Roshan Raghupathy

Researcher, Marlin

Joaquim Matinero Tor

Banking and Blockchain Expert

Benedetto Biondi

CEO, Folks Finance

Marco Antonio Ribeiro

CTO, Ostium

Harry Papacharissiou

Developer Advocate Manager, Chainlink Labs


Koh Onozawa

Co-CEO, Bit2Me

Halcyon Price

Data Streams GTM Lead, Chainlink Labs


Jack Melnick

DeFi Lead, Polygon Labs

Jack Chong

Entrepreneur in Residence, White Star Capital

William Reilly

Head of CeFi, Chainlink Labs


Carlos Matallana

Protocol & Integration team lead, Polygon Labs

Andrew Lin

Chief Product Officer, Rent App by Visible.xyz

Nav Raj

Head of Product Design, Chainlink Labs

Slater Heil

Founder and CEO, Blueberry

Clement Sutjiatma

Data Streams PM, Chainlink Labs

Yannis Smaragdakis

Co-Founder , Dedaub

Rory Piant

Director of Community, Chainlink Labs


River Davis

Managing Creative Director , Ntent

Max Melcher

Product Manager , Chainlink Labs


AJ Hammond

Contributor , Perennial Labs

De Clercq Wentzel

Product Manager, Chainlink Labs

Naur Cristian

Founder , Alvey Chain

Laurin Bylica

Director of Partnerships, Illuvium

Ben Livshits

VP of Research , Matter Labs

John Walsh

BUILD Success Lead, Chainlink Labs


Andrea Armanni

Growth Product Manager, Ocean Protocol

Krisztin Lipardi

COO, Galaxis.xyz

Bryan Jowers

Product, Chainlink Labs

Pablo the Penguin

Core Dev, QiDao Mai.finance

Romain Vaucher

Program Manager Community Advocate, Chainlink Labs


Phil Kothe

CEO / Co-Founder, Postmint

Nikita Namjoshi

Developer Advocate, Google

Thodoris Karakostas

Blockchain Partnerships, Chainlink Labs


Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach

Researcher, Flashbots

Christian Pusateri

Head of BD/Marketing, Mind Network

Patrick Young

Head of Growth, Chainlink Labs


Leroy Lin

Head of Business Development, Hope.money

Josh Simenhoff

Head of Community, Chainlink Labs

John Izaguirre

Head of Partnerships and Business Development, Censo

Daniel Gruesso

Product Manager, Chainlink Labs

Andrew Thomas

Co-Founder and COO, DVerse


Evan Drake

Marketing Chief of Staff, Chainlink Labs

Zsolt Kosa

Digital Artist, Neoc

Marc Romero

Community Lead Europe/Latam, Chainlink Labs

Humayun Sheikh

CEO and Founder , Fetch.ai

Mark Raynes

Head of Solutions, Chainlink Labs

Deep Shah

Marketing & Comms Lead, Gnosis Pay

Harris Bell

Blockchain Partner Marketing Manager, Chainlink Labs


Simone Romano

Developer Relations Manager, IoTeX

Andrej Rakic

Developer Advocate, Chainlink Labs


Gilberts Ahumada

Software Engineer, Developer Expert

Jose Franco

Integration Engineer, Offchain Labs

Raza Zaidi

Developer Relations, Scroll


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