Smartcon 2022 // program

Program overview

SmartCon 2022 covers a wide range of pressing topics from across Web3. Learn from leading researchers and founders, code alongside the best devs in the industry, and connect with experts from the community.



Learn how top DeFi projects are evolving to disrupt trillions of dollars in value transacted in traditional banking, lending, payments, and more.


Access developer resources, tools, and frameworks needed to build feature-rich and scalable dApps across the multi-chain ecosystem.


Learn how enterprises can securely connect their existing infrastructure, applications, data, and web APIs to the blockchain ecosystem.


Explore new governance models for DAOs and the far-reaching implications of robust decentralized governance models.


Get insights on how privacy-preserving technology and zero-knowledge proofs can power Web3 digital identity primitives.


Traverse the vast ecosystem of blockchains and layer-2 environments aiming to solve pressing limitations on blockchain scalability.

NFTs & Gaming

Dive deep into how dynamically NFTs can fundamentally change the entertainment, marketing, and real estate industries.


Discover cutting-edge research into cryptoeconomic security, cross-chain communication, privacy-preserving systems, and more.

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